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who we are

We’re a digital marketing agency specializing in content strategy and customer acquisition through Google and your favorite social media channels.

We develop digital brand strategies, communications, products and services that matter to your target group by novelty, brand authenticity and outstanding quality for higher brand awareness, engagement, sales and loyalty. By managing your Google ads account and social media channels, giving your brand a professional feel, attracting the attention of nearby and like customers, we want your business to thrive in a digital age that is being consumed like no other!

In collaboration with our clients, we create a digital presence that will allow you to not just gain brand awareness, trust, and loyalty on a local level, but on an even greater scale! At swoppii marketing, thinking small is the reason why businesses fail online.

more leads = more clients = more cash flow

the survival of most businesses comes down to one thing: cash flow. To keep money flowing into your business, you need more customers. 

How do you get more customers? More importantly, how do you acquire them cost-effectively?


Getting high-quality sales leads through digital marketing campaigns will boost your business.

Can you imagine what a consistent flow of pre-qualified leads directly to your inbox every single day can do for your business?

LinkedIn lists the following 7 benefits of lead generation:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Increase sales and profit ratio
  • Contributes to a positive ROI (return on investment)
  • Allows you to target your desired audience
  • Buyers get access to detailed information
  • Allows you to collect data about your prospects
  • It’s cost-effective
We set up your lead generation funnels to ensure we deliver you hot leads who are interested in your product or service… They will be waiting for your call!
All you and your sales team have to do is close the deal – no more cold calling, no more wasting money on ineffective online marketing attempts, no more sitting around and hoping for customers to discover you.


our solution


We spend time getting to know your product or services, your customers, and your business. This enables us to create a unique strategy that is suited to your enterprise.

offer & funnel

Imagine you had a salesperson who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A lead generation funnel and digital marketing keeps your sales pipeline full.

advertising & (re)marketing

The core of digital marketing! Highly-targeted advertising on search engines and social media gets your business in front of the customers looking for your product/service.



Constant monitoring and improvement of campaigns mean better results at lower cost. A combination of creative and technical expertise allows us to keep optimizing your campaigns. 

ready to take action?

One of the main keys to a successful business is the generation of new sales leads. Let us boost your business by sending you 20, 30, 50 or hundreds of hot new leads every month.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation digital marketing strategy call. 


Our mission is to understand and help small & medium businesses to succeed. That is why we focus our marketing strategy on the one thing that will help your business to thrive: getting more clients.

Our marketing strategies are customized to fit your unique business – and no changes need to be made in your business, other than ensuring that you can cope with a lot more sales leads!

Our marketing strategy includes:

  • Research and understanding your business and goals;
  • Identifying your target market and setting up online audiences;
  • Identifying and setting up the right channels, platforms, and technology to reach your target market online;
  • Campaign planning – including offer creation and value-ladder mapping;
  • Budget planning;
  • Designing and automation of sales funnels, email sequences, etc.;
  • Search, display and social media advertising setup, copywriting and tracking;
  • Campaign analysis, reporting, and optimization.

offer creation & funnel building

A sales funnel (incase you are not familiar with the term) is a series of steps designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision. 

A proper sales funnel and lead generation strategy will find your potential customers, place your product or services in front of them, educate them about what you offer, get them to interact with your business (usually by giving you their details), make them an irresistible offer, and can even finally turn them into customers.

Awareness -> Interest -> Evaluation -> Decision -> Purchase

To create an effective funnel, we do the following:

  • Target your audience on a personal level (demographics, goals, values, pain points, challenges, etc.);
  • Create an opt-in offer that addresses/solves their most pressing problem;
  • Build powerful landing pages that gather leads and convert;
  • Monitor and optimize.

advertising & (re)markting

This is where all pieces come together to launch your digital marketing campaign.

We know who your target audience is (demographics and psychographics), we know how to engage them, our sales funnel is set up, our offers and landing pages are ready to convert… it’s time for lift-off.

Through a combination of search engine, display network, and social media advertising, we place your product or service in front of your targeted audience to get them into the sales funnel so we capture in-marketing leads to fill your sales pipeline.

Search Engine Advertising: When potential customers search for your product or service (for instance in Google), we get you in the top results to drive them to the landing page.

Social Media Advertising: Even when a potential customer is not specifically searching for your business, we can target them while they are online, again driving them to our funnel.

Display Advertising: The Google Display Network has over 2 million sites and reaches over 90% of people on the Internet – meaning your ads can target your customers across a large collection of websites, mobile apps, video content, and more.


Lead generation and digital marketing campaigns have to be constantly analyzed and optimized to improve performance.

We track everything! Every click, every view, every like or share, every form filled in and every cent spent.

This not only allows us to give you pinpoint-accurate reports, but also helps us to constantly improve our campaigns.

Optimization and testing areas include audiences, social channels, offers, keyword targeting, landing pages, advertising copy and media, value ladder steps, email content and sequences, and more. 

Because we work closely with each of our clients, we constantly analyze their marketing campaigns to test and improve – whether it’s a big move such as a completely new funnel or testing the effectiveness of a different color call to action button on a landing page, we give it maximum attention. 

get new clients fast!

Get leads in your sleep! We can build you a lead generation system that will blow your competitors out of the water.

We generate high quality leads for your business to convert into paying customers… and keep them coming back for more!