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Im Flavia Sassoli, my business partner and I own an online customisation, styling and clothing apparel shop, Sultry Clothing SA. We are a ‘woman own enterprise’ online store.

Being online we rely heavily on digital marketing and media to get our business noticed and to drive traffic to our site www.sultryclothingsa.com

Personally every time I think about making a purchase, trying something new or even when I plan a trip, I always take the same first step: I read an article or a blog post I find online.

Growing up with technology I live on my socials and the web and love using blogs. Recently reading about the new product, Swoppii, I was pretty intrigued with the features it offers someone like me!

Hear me out… this isn’t just some App that you download and maybe use to grab some digits from that cute guy at Starbucks, nor is it strictly for ‘business only people’ – it hooks up all your important content, your personal and business links, your own socials and tracks visitors all in one place. This is why the versatility of Swoppii has worked so well for me.

Also, with everything happening in our new world – the new norm as we know it, Swoppii offers contactless “save to contacts” – taking social distancing to a new level! A single click, and your details are added to your friends or potential clients phone contacts

But what I really love about Swoppii is that you can join the trend of influencers, top brands and businesses that use the platform to add their personalised “links in bio”.

You can link (or upload) your latest videos (Insta Stories, Youtube, etc), add your own blog articles and social campaigns with just one link – and brand it! Completely Free!

Talk about a top social connector – it’s like a whole mini-website and it’s super versatile! Check it out for yourself – my.swoppii.com/flavia 

I was impressed, and I tend to agree, “the future is yours with SWOPPII.”
Get yours…https://swoppii.com

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