Getting the most out of your logo

swoppii, digital business card, business card, virtual business card

How to let your logo blend in with your digital business card

Firstly, does your company already have a logo and are you happy with the look and feel of your logo? A logo is important as it is usually the first impression a client will receive once viewing your website. Getting a designer to create a logo for you can be costly and I would recommend using an online platform to create your logo yourself. 

Here are a few great recommended platforms to use for your logo. You will have plenty of different options to choose from to make your brand stand out!

1) LogoMaker

2) Word Swag

3) TailorBrands

4) LogoMakr

5) Looka

6) BrandMark

7) Designhill

8) Namecheap

9) Ucraft

10) Logaster

Now that you have a logo, let’s get to the next step to have your logo looking best on your swoppii digital business card. As you will see below, the company card looks and feel great, but something does not feel right with the card on the left. would you agree it being the logo? Yes, a logo with a transparent background would look better on your digital business card as seen on the swoppii card on the right.

swoppii, digital business card, business card, virtual business card
swoppii, digital business card, business card, virtual business card

How to easily transform your logo’s solid background to a transparent background:

The easiest place to do this would be on Lunapic. Lunapic allows you to upload your image and easily transform your solid background in your logo to transparent as shown below.

Once your image is uploaded, you go to ‘edit. and click on ‘Transparent Background’. You then select which section you want to make transparent and click on apply as shown below.

The great thing about Lunapic is once your image is done, you click on save and your image will save in high quality. This is a completely free service to use.

Once you have your logo with transparent background you can go to your swoppi dashboard and upload your file to have it looking great on your digital business card.

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