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swoppii reseller program:

  • What does it mean to be a swoppii Agent? 
  • It means you can help others to use our great service and ease of only having to use one link throughout their lives to connect their audiences to all their content and earn a passive income while doing so. 
  • How would you be promoting yourself as an Agent? 
  • After you’ve signed up as a Swoppi Agent (Click on Sign-up below), you will receive a link on your dashboard. You can add this link to your Swoppi card (as seen below) or market your link as you wish. Once a person clicks on your link it will direct them to the Swoppi home page. When a user sign-up from here, it will be displayed on your dashboard. 


  • How much do you earn through our reseller program? 
  • You will be earning 45% of any of our packages you sell to any user. NOT once-off, but for as long as that user stay apart of the Swoppi community. 
  • When you sell a Pro package of $4, you will be earning $1.80 every month for as long as the user is subscribed. Once a Enterprise package of $8 is sold, you will be earning $3.6 every month. 

Once an annual package is sold of $40, you will earn that $18 at the end of the month it was sold at. When that $40 is captured after a year, you will again be earning that amount. 

Where do you receive your payouts?

When registering below to become a Swoppii agent, you NEED to register with your PayPal email address. Payouts are made into your PayPal wallet. You can always register with your email and create your PayPal account later. Click HERE to create your PayPal account.

Below is an example of how you can market your Swoppii reseller link on your card

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